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Tim Roth.

By punimoe
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Blue night radio 14/08/19
  • JH: Do you have any fears towards not having any experience living as a normal person?
  • TM: Honestly, I am afraid of seeing a huge group of people, and it seems like an illness. If I am not wearing any make-up, I am afraid of being noticed by others, and at times I will have thoughts like 'How I wish I won't be recognised and I can gain eternal freedom'. However, thinking on the opposite end, If no one recognises me, I may feel sad too.
  • Cr: FallinTaem
  • Tr: taebits
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Why is being sensitive and prepared the opposite of being a man? Kim Jonghyun (Pretty Boy lyrics)
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Itachi did not die for this!!! The fandom’s reaction to literally everything Sasuke does. (via kamcan3xc)
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